You can cook in Resident Evil Village

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Sidat.ID, – Various gameplay videos are shown, at first glance Resident Evil Village appears to be a much more action packed game than before. This is closely related to the background of Ethan, the main character who is now becoming proficient in the use of firearms.

Throughout his journey, Ethan was even shown to use a rifle or pistol very often to repel the creepy creatures that are trying to ambush him.

In addition to switching from survival horror to semi-action without reducing the scary part given, Capcom also seems to add new features that all players can enjoy. This feature is cooking.

You read that Ethan can cook in Resident Evil Village right now. Through the video of Capcom’s collaboration with GameInformer above, Ethan can immediately hunt down animals to use as cooking ingredients. But not all of these animals stay put or run away when hunted, sometimes they fight right away to survive as well.


Ethan immediately brought the meat from the game to The Duke’s kitchen, which immediately provided cooking facilities. Doing so successfully gives Ethan permanent status, such as a defense boost.

Capcom will soon show the details later on April 15 at 3:00 PM US Time or April 16 at 5:00 AM WIB in a special event they packed into the Resident Evil Village Showcase.***

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