Zhongli Rerun Genshin Impact Banner Leaks 1.5

Sidat.ID, – Leaked Zhongli Rerun Genshin Impact 1.5 Banner After many missed Zhongli’s first banner, many Genshin Impact players regret and are looking forward to the Zhongli Rerun banner in the next update!

After the Venti Rerun banner appeared on Genshin Impact 1.4, many of the players were waiting for the Zhongli Rerun banner to appear on Genshin Impact. reportedly the banner will be present in the update version 1.5.

Zhongli is a 5-star character that was present in update 1.2, he is the incarnation of an archon from the Geo element called Rex Lapis. On his first release Zhongli managed to earn a huge income thanks to the popularity of this character. he is the character with the most number of gacha after Klee.

Yep this is predictable because at that time, so many players saved their pity for Zhongli and missed Childe on his first banner.

Zhongli Rerun Genshin Impact Banner Leaks 1.5

Zhongli at a glance, when he first appeared, Zhongli was very unsatisfactory, he was quite a five-star character who was quite bear at that time, and even some players missed Zhongli’s banner when update 1.2

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But in the next update to be precise in version 1.3. MiHoYo buffs Zhongli by giving other effects to this character, besides that they revamp Geo’s resonance which makes Zhongli instantly very OP.

After this incident, many of the players regretted having missed the Zhongli banner because his first impressions were quite disappointing, but right now, he is the character most wanted by all Genshin Impact players. The good news is that there is a leak of the Zhongli Rerun Banner, which is reportedly coming back in the upcoming 1.5 update on Genshin Impact.

Previously, the problem of the rerun banner was often called a hoax, but this seems to be applied especially in update 1.4 this time which presents the rerun character of Venti and Childe.


Of course this will make the Zhongli Rerun banner stronger in the next update. Moreover, many media have provided information about the current Zhongli Rerun banner. Moreover, a lot of content has leaked regarding update 1.5

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4 Star Character Prediction on Zhongli Rerun Banner

The first banner on update 1.5 is Eula who is a new character with Cryo vision and Claymore user. This character is confirmed to be present in the upcoming 1.5 update. Then for the second banner many mention Zhongli rerun, some predictions seem to have been present regarding what will be present on the banner.

Previously on update 1.2, the characters that were present on the Zhongli banner were Razor, Xinyan and Razor. There are characters that seem to be present on the Zhongli banner this time, we predict that Ningguang and Fei Yan will be present on the Zhongli banner.

The reason is, quite simply, Ningguang is here because Zhongli is often referred to as Geo Daddy by fans, then Ningguang is Geo Queen. Then for Fei Yan it seemed like he would not be present on the Eula banner.

Like Rosalia, she did not appear on the Venti banner, while Rosalia herself did not appear on the Childe banner. Not only that like Xinyan in update 1.2. The new 4-star character is usually not present on the first banner, but on the second banner.

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This is a review of the leaked Zhongli rerun Genshin Impact 1.5 banner. If true, then update 1.5 seems to be the target of many Genshin Impact gamers, especially for those who previously missed the first banner.***

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